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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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schedules just as new school year gets underway. good evening and though thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. it's not officially heat wave number seven until tomorrow, but the national weather service has just extended the heat advisory. meteorologist kathy orr is in the thick of it outside our fox 29 studios with more on how long this heat is sticking around. kathy. >> we're very grateful for few clouds overhead and a little bit of a breeze but y, temperatures are peaking in the mid 90s through much of the region and it feels much warmer with that humidity. you can see behind me everybody in their summer outfits getting rad of ready for yet another heat wave. here's a look at the temperatures around the region. in philadelphia 92. we just were at 95 a few moments ago. trenton 94. and in dover, it is 93. add the humidity that is in the 70s, dew point temperatures oppressive it feels like 102 in philadelphia. 106 in dover. 101 in lancaster. and in millville it feels like 103. that heat advisory has been
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extended through tomorrow afternoon. it will feel like it's about 100 to 105 degrees. this evening temperatures not falling all that much staying basically in the 80s right through the 11:00 o'clock hour. so coming up we'll talk more about the heat wave record heat in the forecast and potential for some weekend rain. we need it. my garden is scorched. unfortunately i don't think we'll see a lot of it. we'll talk more about that coming up later in the broadca broadcast. >> you and me both kathy. this extreme heat is behind some school troubles. >> many schools are letting kids out earl ball it's too hot. fox 29's karen hepp is live in mayfair tonight. early dismissal something students don't mind too much, karen. >> reporter: gosh, they're cheering. they're so excited. we already saw with the trenton schools they had half day. reading schools the same problems. now it is philly's turn so the kids of course couldn't be happier. the parents sort of on the fence m say i've got scramble and get the kids. others say we think it's the right call.
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>> they got the water bottles and big smiles. half day tomorrow with so many schools without central air open windows just don't cut it. all the parochial schools and public schools reich lawn hurst elementary in philadelphia will close before the worst of the heat. many parents think the district is make the right call. >> it's good that it's only half day. they don't have air or anything in there and they're all hot and sweaty. we sent a frozen water bottle but that's not enough. >> they should close it for the whole day. it's way too hot in there with a fan open windows she comes out soakinsoaking wet in sweat and s got good with the heat as it. >> i thought it was good because i wasn't aware that the school didn't have heat -- i mean air. so because i wasn't aware they didn't have air, it's a good -- it's a plus because of health issues not just only for children that have mass for all the children at large because sitting in the heat is really not a good choice. >> reporter: just so hard to
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earn when it's that hot most certainly. i saw the a lot of kids that came over from the elementary school went over to the wawa. they were so hot you can just see the sweat line, their hair was actually soaking wet. so for, you know arc lot of people they that it district did make the right call on this one. that's the latest from mayfair, iain. back to you. >> karen, thanks. karen mentioned one morey minder tomorrow the philadelphia public and arch diocesan schools are dismissing early because of the heat. some goes for the trenton and reading school districts. don't forget you can always beat the heat with our fox 29 weather app. get your extended forecast and weather alerts sent straight to your phone. you'll find it in i tunes and of course google play. in new castle traffic is moving along again along i-95 and route 141 after a wind fall of pennies spilled on the road this morning. it happened when tractor trailer overturned around 2:00 a.m. and caught fire. luckily the driver only has minor injuries. the accident did leave behind 40,000 pounds of unstamped pennies for crews to clean up. >> philadelphia police caught
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the guy who's been robbing people in the city fosses rhawnhurst neighborhood. investigators say the man invade add home along the 2,000 block of oakmont street last night. pistol whipped a man and fired a gun into the floor. a woman inside was not hurt but the guy did get away with belongings from the two. police say the pistol whipped man will be okay and the robber later stole woman' purse at gun point. they've yet to release his identity. torments night we're getting a look at the man police say admitted killing his neighbor in a bucks county apartment. damien walker charged with criminal homicide fort death of a 62-year-old neighbor in sellersville. prosecutors say walker walked into a police department and admitted killing his neighbor. said he had been using meth. police later found the victim dead in her apartment on north main street. she's not been identified and investigators have not said how she died. and philadelphia police have made arrest after a man was killed outside a rec center in mantua. police say muhammed johnson shot pierre, several times in front
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of the victim's 12-year-old son. it happened before 8:30 on the night of august 31st. johnson has now been charged with murder. in new jersey, a scary day not going to affect the mape pep shade school district tomorrow. someone made a threat this morning which had authorities searchinsearching all school bu. bomb sniffing dogs came in and authorities eventually gave the school the all clear. rj steinhauer and maple shade high school students were dismissed from school early today. but tomorrow the school district will run on normal schedule. now the school says the threat did not target a specific scho school. the police action was just a precaution. authorities in bucks county were back out searching today for 21-year-old lindsay piccone. lindsay from bensalem hasn't been seen since sunday her family reported her missing on tuesday. police found her vehicle earlier this week inside the tyler state park and crews are using k9 units from the pennsylvania search and rescue team to help try and find her. in montgomery county, for
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two days running thieves have been breaking into vehicles. they have hit at least a half dozen swiping whatever they could before taking off. lower providence township is their target so far. our sabina kuriakose is following the investigation live from police headquarters. sabina. >> reporter: lucy, police believe a group of people might be behind this spree. car break ins of course not a new kind of crime but the technique these thieves are using to get in those cars that might be. >> it makes me feel a little uneasy because now i mean i always lock my vehicle. now i have to worry whether you have it locked or not now the windows going to be broken or smashed in. >> reporter: that only -- not only smashed in but bust flood with something police have rarely scene. jennifer fleming waking up to the news thursday. a series of smash and grab car break ins in her lower providence township neighborhood. putting people here on edge. police say it's happening across town, too. half a dozen cars hit since tuesday night. it all happened between 2:00 and
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4:00 in the morning. several have had damage to their side windows or windshields and the tool of choice -- >> so this is not exactly normal where you see smashed windows using garden stones. >> reporter: garden stones. the kind you use for landscaping. lieutenant mike jackson says crimes of opportunity like car break ins flare up every now and then. most thieves look for unlocked cars. the rock throwing is new. >> there may be multiple suspects at this point it appears they may be connected. >> reporter: break in on morning dove road was just the latest. the cluster of village green lane long meadow road and lexington lane have all been targets. the flemings say they were once victims, too. a thief stole hundreds worth of goods through unlocked car door last year. but now, they have a new conce concern. >> makes you feel very violated and now you have to worry about when you shut your door at night are you going to wake up to your window being smashed in?
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>> reporter: now, police say they have several good leads. they also have advice for car owners. that's coming up at 6:00. lucy? >> we'll talk to you then sabi sabina. we're hearing from philadelphia city councilman bobby heenan after federal agent raided his office. it happened the same day the fbi raided the home and offices of union leader johnny dougherty. heenan handed the statement to billy it reads in part i have not been contacted by law enforcement nor to my knowledge has any member of my staff. i have encouraged my team to cooperate fully in this process ". >> he goes on to say he'll continue to serve the people of philadelphia with pride. after luke warm reviews for presidential candidates last night, donald trump and hillary clinton back at it today. trump switching his focus to education while the democratic nominee is keeping national security in the spotlight. fox's joel waldman has more from washington. >> reporter: back in north carolina home to eight military
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bases, hillary clinton attacking rival donald trump's wednesday night performance at a town hall on national security. >> as your commander in chief, i will not trash our country's most cherished values. i will defend them. >> reporter: clinton clinging to just over one point lead over trump in north carolina is looking to become only the second democrat to win the battleground states since president jimmy carter back in 1976. one day after announcing he'd expand every aspect of our military, trump took on another important issue, education. in ohio state vital for a republicans hoping to call the white house home. >> my first budget will immediately add an additional federal investment of $20 billion toward school choi choice. >> reporter: and libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson getting plenty of play in the media today for all the wrong reasons after this exchange on cable news network. >> what would you do if you were
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elected about a help poe? >> and what is a help poe? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> johnson later admitted he had brain freeze. hillary clinton meanwhile meets tomorrow with bipartisan military leaders including general david patreas and former homeland secretary michael chertoff for work session on terrorism and national security. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. a man is stunned after his jeep that he spent thousands to fix went up in flames. the shocking ways he said his ride caught fire. >> an employee at a local pharmacy tried to stop man from stealing merchandise until that guy pulled 95. the unusual thing police say this guy got away with. >> it's one of the most iconic photos in american history but the location of the flag has been a mystery until now. where this famous flag finally showed up. and all new at 6:00, one local community is on high alert after a pair of shootings and
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police say both have one thing in common.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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>> tonight police want to find this man. they say tried to hold up a store employee at gun point in
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the city's olney second. police say the man walked in behind a cricket wireless worker as she unlock the doors last month and then once inside, she told the police that the man grabbed her and flashed a gun and said give me the bag. he then tried to drag the woman to the back but she resisted. that led to violent struggle she says her shirt was ripped off schenn was pushed into a display before the man ran away. another college is reaching out to former itt tech students. those students are looking for a new place to learn after itt abruptly closed this week. who are cam college in bryn mawr offering $5,000 scholarship a year for itt students. that money goes towards earning an associate's degree. other local colleges like rowan, camden county college and bucks county community college are also offering to help. president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit laos. he spoke of his legacy and controversial issues he's been dealing with in the final months of his presidency. fox news correspondent rich he hadson has more from the white
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house. >> hopefully when people look back 20 years from now or 30 years from now, the decisions i made they'll be able to say that he did pretty good. >> reporter: president obama concludes his ninth visit to the summit a meeting of southeast asian nations. the president says he's mindful this is the last time he'll travel there before leaving office. >> when i think back to the time that i spent here as a boy, i can't help but be struck by the extraordinary progress that's been made across so much of the region in the decade since. >> reporter: president pledged continued support for security and human rights in the region and united defense against north korean aggression. he says he's deeply disturbed by that country's recent provocations and will seek china's help in curbing aggression. >> we will continue to put some of the toughest pressure that north korea has ever been under as a consequence of this behavior. can i guarantee that it works? no. but it is the best options that we have available to us right
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now. >> reporter: he also addressed comments from philippine president rodrigo duterte he used an obscenity referring to president obama. white house canceled an official meeting between the two. though the leader doctors have a chance to see one another and shake hands. >> it has no impact on our broader relationship with the philippine people. >> reporter: president obama addressed detention center at guantonimo bay, cuba. it's still open despite his campaign pledge to close it. the president says he's not ready to concede on closing get mow because he says it's a recruitment tool for terrorists. at the white house, rich he ha hadson fox news. >> new program in camden, new jersey, hopes to put its residents to work. officials shared details about the camden construction career initiative today. they say it will train more than 100 camden residents by the end of 2017 for construction jobs. the cooper foundation running the initiative and students will have to complete 260 hours of training and everything from academics to financial literacy. they'll also learn about federal
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safety standards. september hunger action month and active visits are working to raise awareness about food and security right here in our area. advocates at philabundance held an event this morning encouraging donations and volunteering as part of its plate it forward campaign. officials say hunger affects one in four people in the philadelphia area. that's almost twice the national average and now the charity is trying to raise $20,000 so it can provide more meals to those in need. state representative donna bullick shared her own story of surviving hunger as child thanks to access to food pantries. >> my mother, my grandmother taught me one lesson. we didn't just go to that soup kitchen for meal. my grandmother made sure i took some action. we had to give back every meal i was required to pick up a broom or wash a dish or help a senior get their plate. i have learned to take action about hunger 30 years ago. >> throughout the month every dollar you don't donate to
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philabundance will be matched by the communications firm finger paint up to $7,500. the philadelphia federation of teachers is highlighting the return of what it calls crucial positions inside schools across the city. for the first time in near four years full-time counselors and nurses are in every single city school. it's a big deal. union leaders and local government officials gathered at the richard wright elementary school in strawberry mansion to celebrate. >> this has been on-going fight as you know with the philadelphia federation of teachers. about four years ago all of the counselors were laid off. some were brought back. others remained on lay off. >> the union says counselors have had run back and forth between schools. before this school year nurses were on hand two days a week. in florida, a man says his grand new samsung galaxy note seven phone started a fire that tour torched his beloved jeep. >> there's been nationwide recall on those devices after
5:19 pm
dozens caught fire. this is a real problem for samsung and note owners that's why many are turning them in. but this guy in st. petersburg didn't know about the recall until now. he says he was charging it in the car when it blew up. he only had it four days. >> it was very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire and once it got the dash the air bags went and started exploding and it was, you know, there was nothing that i could do to save it. >> insurance will pay for the vehicle but he's likely out a lot of money he put into all the modifications. it was the family vehicle so for now they're getting some help from friends. >> meanwhile iphone users still buzzing over the latest version not having a head phone jack but apple says its option should work for those without blue tooth headphones. apple providing an adapter for older headphones. that will satisfy everyone. we'll wait and see on that. pre orders for the iphone seven begin tomorrow. it's a story that's going viral. high school football team makes its way on to the field.
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they all lay arose at the feet of one of the cheerleaders. reason behind their touching display. >> and this man appeared to be trying on some jewelry before he bolted with the goods but an employee took off after him. what happened outside that has that employee in the hospital. >> fox 29 investigators. presses the ceo of a local charter school group on claims he harassed one of his top educators and why she got some big bucks. >> why would you settle such a claim if it didn't happen because that's lot of money? >> it was resolve, sir. >> a story taxpayers will want to see as fox 29 investigates ahead. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> police on the hunt or apparent toothpaste robber in kensington. police say last month a worker inside the rite aid on east allegheny avenue watch this man try to sneak out with more than 150 bucks worth of toothpaste. investigators say the guy then pulled a knife on the employee when confronted and the robber took off for clearfield street. investigators in small west
5:24 pm
texas community are trying to figure out what led up to a shooting at a high school. >> 14-year-old girl killed herself on campus after shooting another girl. shooting happened this morning in alpine about three hours south and east of el paso just after 9:00 o'clock local time. the sheriff says the family of the girl who died had moved to the alpine area about six months ago. she was a freshman at the school. the other girl has non-life threatening injuries. >> everyone is kind of just heart broken for the parents involved. because there's no coming back from this. >> investigators say the shooting was followed by a series of unrelated threats made by a male caller that added to the chaos. well it's official. u.s. olympic committee has banned ryan lochte from swimming until the end of june. the committee and usa swimming made the announcement today suspension means lochte will not swim at next year's world championships. this stems from the gold med list drunken action at a gas station during oat limb picks last month in rio.
5:25 pm
officials are also requiring lochte to perform 20 hours of community service. it's a classic moment in american history. marl are you lynn monroe sin sig to president john f. kennedy. >> it's a one of a kind mission for nasa. what has thousands every people flocking to cape can nav val this morning. >> kathy tracking the september heat wave. >> we totally need the rain and look at this thin line of showers much that's our next best chance of seeing anything and may not amount to much. we'll have the numbers coming up when we come back.
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it's another steamy september day as we look life over 10 tron. schools in trenton dismissed earl daal and they'll do the same tomorrow. meteorologist kathy orr has your complete forecast coming up. nasa has just embark on its first of its kind mission. this morning thousands of people gathered in cape canaveral tour a launch to blast off a probe. it hopes it will be able to recover part of an asteroid.
5:29 pm
>> reporter: it's a mission billions of years in the making. nasa launching first ever to collect and return a sample from an asteroid. sending a spacecraft to the mass known as benu. >> this is science fiction becomes science fact. >> reporter: about the same height of the empire state building scientists believe the asteroid may hold clues about life here on earth and whether life could have started somewhere else as well. >> we think it contains molecules that contain carbon which is of course critical to life so we wanting to touch and taste this time capsule of the early solar science. >> it will take the spacecraft just to reach bennu once there it will orbit and map the as asteroid before a spot is chosen to vacuum a 2-ounce sample. >> i'm really hopeful that we will get some unique material that isn't our meteorite collections because probably fryable, if not easily survival as mott fear rick acids. >> the window from departure
5:30 pm
from the asteroid will open march 2021 and the sample is set to arrive back on earth for analysis two and a half years later in the year 2023. at least 75% of it will be saved at houston's johnson space center. >> these samples will be first archived carefully as a gift for nurture generations of young girls and boys that will invent new techniques to study them in the future. >> reporter: the entire mission lasts seven years and costs $800 million. all to bring back to earth about 60 grams of an asteroid about 4 tablespoons of brown sugar like this. at the kennedy space center, phil keating, fox news. >> but what they learn from it is invaluable. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. >> a little hot out there today. >> little bit. >> kathy? >> iain, you like this. >> i love it. >> you put a curse on us. >> oh! >> iain's fault s. >> that's what it is. >> but any way, you can see some clouds passing through.
5:31 pm
some clouds moving through the region. so temperatures lower ago few degrees. we missed the record by one measly degree scott even were just talking about it. the high today 95 in philadelphia. the record 96 set back in 1939. close not quite close enough. winds out of the southwest at 13. it is going to be sticky though and it's going to feel oppressive for your friday. feel like it's about 104. saturday heat and humidity will combine to make it feel like 102. sunday you can see a sharp decline. lower temperatures. lower humidity. 86 degrees. and then it will just feel like 81 degrees on monday. so by then, it will be very comfortable. waiting for some showers. they're little skimpy on the radar here. you can see right through friday morning that front pretty much stays to the north. maybe by friday night we get a few scattered showers well to the north and west. so no real relief with this. and then by 9:00, 10, 11:00 o'clock maybe a few sprinkles passing through we really want the rain. we need the rain.
5:32 pm
our gardens need the rain but not a lot of rain on the screen and when we look at the computer models long range gfs and european model we talk a lot about during the winter season when you add all of the precipitation up between now and sunday we only get about a quarter of an inch of rain in the gfs and then that climbs to about a third of an inch. so that's just about it. even if we do see some dribs and drabs it's really not going to be a lot to put a dent in the rain deficit. we're down about 3-inches for the year and the numbers just came in. back to some drought conditions for more on that i'll send it over to scott. scott, this could end up being a serious situation if it keeps going like this. >> kathy, we certainly need the rainfall. our last inch or more rainfall around the philadelphia area was in july and take look at the feels like temperatures. they will be heating up. because it's abnormally dry across our area. take look at the latest drought monitor just in today and where you see the yellow, the pocono mountains also along the i-95 corridor, moving into parts of south jersey, we're talking
5:33 pm
about some dry conditions so philadelphia down about three and a half inches for the year. as far as the heat, we're tal talking about day 43 today. temperatures at or above 90 degrees in an average year you see about 27 so we continue with the september heat and the sizzle. so so far we've seen about two days with temperatures at or above 90 degrees for 2016 for the month of september. last year we saw seven. 2014, two. 2013, we saw one. if you're keeping tally with that. as far as the heat, we're going to catch break as we move toward the second half of the weekend. just in time for football at the linc on sunday. 1:00 o'clock kick off temperatures low 80s by 4:00 o'clock mid 80s. a nice breeze out of the north and west. kathy? >> wow that's much better, sco scott. if we can just make it through the next couple of days. right? behind me you can see that humidity and that heat building over the parkway. it is still very pretty site. temperatures will be falling
5:34 pm
down through the 80s this evening. 77 in the city overnight. 70 in the suburbs it stays muggy during the day tomorrow the high 95. that beat the record of 94 set back in 1884. you have to go way back for that one. your extend forecast calls for the heat wave to continue right through saturday and there's the break that scott was talking about sunday for the birds maybe an early sprinkle otherwise looking good. monday, tuesday, good. some p.m. storms wednesday. thursday very nice. highs only in the 70s. iain is not going to like that. we'll send it back to you. (laughter). >> all right, kathy. thanks. it's one of the most iconic photos in american history but the location of the flag has been a mystery until now. where this famous flag finally showed up. fairly clear what all these guys in common. what company this group of muscular bald guys all lined up to try out for. >> coming up at 6:00 big shows planned this weekend in south philadelphia. what officials what you want to know if you're going to be in
5:35 pm
the area. narrator: terrorism here at home. fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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this man is off the streets to night. police say jabar was arrested for his role in a gun store burglary last year in delaware county. collingdale police say jabar was one of several people that broke into the suburban armory gun shop and made off with nearly two dozen guns. u.s. marshals tracked jabar to western virginia where he was arrested yesterday. he's being held at a county jail there waiting extradition back to pennsylvania. no swimming allowed on popular hawaiian beach after a woman is seriously hurt in a possible shark tack. authorities say the 51-year-old woman was swimming off oahu beach yesterday. lifeguards came to the swimmer's rescues using paddle boards. surfers jumped in to help as well. >> she says, i'm losing a lot of blood. and i got to her and that's when i saw the shoulder, um, she's been bitten by shark. and so, um, i said you'll be okay. it's going object okay. you'll be all right. i put her on my board. and i started paddling with my
5:39 pm
feet up i knew she was bleeding and there was shark in the waters. >> doctors are working to see if a shark did indeed attack her. in the meantime shark warning signs are now posted and no swimming is allowed until authorities give the all clear. so a u.s. flag that has turned up in washington state is the long missing flag raised by firefighters above the site of the 9/11 attacks. now what happened to the flag across all these years is still a bit of a mystery. >> in october of 2014, a man named brian showed up at a washington fire station with a flag in a plastic bag. brian claimed it was the world trade center flag that was given to him by someone else. so for the past two years, the washington state patrol crime lab has been running tests on the flag and the results just came back. the flag is a match. >> you look at that original photograph of 9/11 you see a certain black electric tape holding two lines together and it had the same general profile so i knew, well, this could be
5:40 pm
it. >> word on how the flag wound up in washington state. the flag disappeared from ground zero sometime during the site cleanup. the flag will be unveiled at the 9/11 museum in new york this sunday. >> wow! police arrest add man they say stole millions of dollars in jewels from rapper drake. how they say he was able to get his hands on all of that bling. city charter school operator paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to one of its top educators after she goes to court. what she claimed happened and why tack pairs should take a close look. fox 29 investigates is ahead. sean? iain the focus has been on carson wentz but the eagles need to be worried about robert griffin the third. he might be even better than he used to be what the d had to say about rgiii later in sports. buy online. ready in an hour.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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fox 29 investigators the philadelphia charter school operator made a six figure settlement with one of its former top educators after she accused of the ceo of sexual harassment tonight a city council woman says that top educator is not alone in her claim. >> fox 29's jeff cole is here now with this fox 29 investigation. >> reporter: iain the charter school group is aspira of north philly. taxpayers, tens of millions of your dollars go to aspira schools. the district looks at possibly pulling two schools from aspira there's more controversy this evening. >> i'm jeff cole from fox tv. >> how are you, sir. >> i'm well. >> the highly paid ceo of aspira a charter school operator in philly was friendly at hello but tight as drum when the questions came. >> you paid her. >> sir. >> your insurer paid her $350,000. she said you sexually harassed her. did you sexually harrah's her.
5:45 pm
>> sir -- >> did you sexually harrah's her. >> we can set up a meeting sir. >> we ran into he will frayed dough calderon in the parking lot of north philadelphia headquarters of aspira the large non-profit he leads serving the hispanic community. we didn't want to talk about the five philadelphia charter schools aspira runs with tax dollars. we were there to press him on startling charges of sexual harassment made against calderon and aspira by one of its top educators. aspira paying the educator well over a quarter million dollars to settle the case. >> why did you settle $350,000 sexual harrah's many case with ms. nunez? >> i understand. >> did you harrah's her? >> sir, i can't -- >> you can tell me about it. >> i can set up a meeting with. >> reporter: sexual harrah's many claim was made by evelyn nunez the former chief academic officer and superintendent of schools for all of aspira's philadelphia charters. nunez who is now the principal
5:46 pm
of the school district's louis elkin elementary filed the charge of discrimination with the pennsylvania human relations and equal employment opportunity commission. she charged she was a victim of sex discrimination and retaliation and claimed it was continuous. nunez single at the time said she had a one night only romance with calderon and she was immediately embarrassed by it. in the 26 page do you mean, nunez claims she was demoted because i rejected the on-going sexual advances of calderon, refused to allow him to talk about his on-going sexual couldn't requests of teachers, students and parents, refused to hire as teacher woman he had sexual designs on and reported some of calderon's actions to the board of trustees. court records show in february of 2013, nunez sued aspira under whistleblower protection act.
5:47 pm
documents show the case was settled in june of that year. nunez's patricia pierce says she's barred from talking about the settlement and alfredo calderon is tight lipped. >> did you sexually harrah's evelyn nunez? >> we can set up a meeting. >> i've asked for meeting for sometime now with kevin feeley and we haven't had a meeting. >> i'm sorry. >> fox 29 investigates discover the big money payout in a court document. it turns out aspira failed to pay its insurance company a $25,000 fee. so the insurer sued them for it. in that suit, the large sum aspira paid nunez is stated right here. the insurance company national union fire insurance of pittsburgh writes that nunez accused calderon and his management team of sexual harassment and retaliation. it claims it put out 151 grand in legal fees and costs in defense of the suit and writes it paid miss nunez on behalf of
5:48 pm
as peer rah and its officers the sum of $350,000 to settle the claim. we asked ceo calderon if he told school district leaders known as the school reform commission or src about the big payout. >> did you disclose to the src that you settled a $350,000 sexual harassment claim? >> i'm willing to set up a meeting. >> why won't you talk to me? why do you need to have a meeting with your lawyer? you know what this is. >> 350 grand. are you startled by that amount? >> yes, i am. >> well it's shocking that that type of activity is going on in a school that serves the community. >> reporter: lisa, a member of the alliance for philadelphia public schools. a watch dog citizens group for the schools and the src. not only was she stunned by the money, she was very concerned that the philadelphia school district says, charter schools have no obligation to tell the
5:49 pm
district about legal settlements and they don't. >> the taxpayers and the communities that these schools are supposed to be serving have a right to know what their money is being spent on, and what the climate of the school is and how it's employees are being treat treated. >> reporter: why would you settle such a claim if it didn't happen? because that's a lot of money. >> it was resolved, sir. i cannot -- >> why was the resolved? >> if you didn't do it, why didn't you fight it? >> i will talk to you, please. >> reporter: that meeting that he talk about never happened. instead we received a statement from a spokesperson who writes aspira would like to share the details of the case but can't under the settlement agreement. he adds, appropriate disclose insures were made to the school district aspira board and the board of the affected school. councilwoman maria quinones sanchez in a statement says she's met with other women who experienced sexual harrah's many. unwilling to come forward after the board did in the take action
5:50 pm
against calderon. she says she's met with aspira leaders to tell them calderon and others have created a hostile work environment for women. the aspira soaks person claims quinones sanchez is waging a cease less campaign of unfair character attacks against mr. calderon. iain? >> jeff, thank you. a jewelry store worker is seriously injured tonight after he tried to stop an apparent jewelry they have. deputes outside of tampa say that on tuesday, a man asked to try on about $25,000 worth of jewelry. the video you can see shows him putting the items on then he bolts from the store. a worker chases the guy all the way to the parking lot, even jumps on the hood of man's car but the guy sped off throwing the worker off the car. >> this victim, um, is valiant as he was trying to be is -- has been critically injured, and hopefully he'll survive it. so it is definitely a serious offense and we take it very seriously.
5:51 pm
we hope the public will give us some information and identifying who he is. >> officials say the worker was run over during the whole orde ordeal. cops are now looking for a chevy camaro that the man got away in. >> speaking of jewelry phoenix police have arrested this man because they say he stole to us us sands of dollars worth of blink from drake's tour bus. they say he nabbed a briefcase containing $3 million worth of jewelry during a concert stop in phoenix on tuesday. police say they arrested the guy hours later on the campus of arizona state university and they say travel i don't know king worked in the recent in a during past concerts but was not working during tuesday night's drake concert. iconic piece of history set to hit the auction block and the expected price tag, well, that's also history making. ♪ >> happy birthday mr. president, happy birthday to you ♪
5:52 pm
>> marilyn munroe's dress dress is going up for auction. beautiful custom sequin dress will go on sale in november. it's expected to fetch between two and $3 million. (laughter). >> it's quite dress. >> all right. it's a story that is going viral as high school football team made its way on to the field they all laid rose at the feet of one of the cheerleaders. the reason behind their amazing display. and coming up at 6:00 busy stretch of who way back open tonight in our area after a crash had it closed. what cleanup crews spent hours picking. >> good news for an atlantic city police officer shot in the line of duty. what he did today that is reason to celebrate. //>[]
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a fresh face for mr. clean procter and gamble holding a casting call to find the new face for its product. even women are welcomed. actor kell len lutz tried his luck at scoring the new role but he didn't make the cut. >> i didn't get the part. i didn't make the cut. which i was a little bit disappointed. hey, i'm here.
5:57 pm
becoming mr. clean was a childhood dream of mine. like the mister i'm incredibly clean. hard working. >> he won't be working that job. winner is slate to do win several prizes including 20,000 bucks the search for the next mr. clean ends next month. high school football team is making quite the play off the field before friday's -- last friday's game. take look. ♪ >> love this story. each member every the football high school team in pal low saudra california named an orange feet at the feet of cheerleader ashley. doctors diagnosed her with leukemia last month. orange is the designated color for leukemia awareness and as you can see, the sweet gesture left ashley in tears of gratitude. she took to twitter saying i don't know where i'd be without the support of my family, friends and most importantly my
5:58 pm
school. >> more than 100,000 students back in school for philadelphia administrators say they're looking forward to good year, but a big issue still looms no teacher contracts. >> that's right. superintendent william hite joined our good day team this morning where he addressed the difficulties of coming to an agreement with a teachers union. >> i recognize the frustration. i saw the tremendous work the teachers were doing in classrooms yesterday. i too want a contract. it's why we put a reasonable -- we put a fair proposal on the table. >> union president jerry jordan says teachers have not had raises in nearly five years. and not having a contract creates an unstable environment and hurts recruit many. now hite denies any instability and cites the hiring of 700 teachers this year. hite did not give a time frame for when the union and district will head back to negotiating table. ♪ next on the fox 29 news at 6:00, school is back in session, but mother nature still has the heat on high forcing many
5:59 pm
districts to cut classes short. how long will the heat wave number seven be sticking around? >> and a local community is on high alert after two recent shootings. officials are urging residents to get home early and aware of their surroundings. what police say these shootings both have in common. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. all right. the calendar says september but with temperatures still well in the 90s, it's feeling a lot more like july. good evening thanks for joining us i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. a heat advisory is in effect until tomorrow night. tomorrow will officially mark heat wave number seven as we get ready for fall to make an appearance. >> at some point. >> not here yet. doesn't feel like it here's kathy orr to tell us more about that. >> i feel like jumping nuthouse fountains much probably not good thing to do. temperatures are on the region soaring through the 90s. close to the record in philadelphia.
6:00 pm
the record 96 within 1 degree we made it to 95 allentown 95. reading missing that record by 1 degree. trenton we tied the record. ac93 the high for today and wilmington we topped off at 94 degrees. the record 95. right now, it foles like 99 in philadelphia. 101 in trenton and wrightstown. 106 in dover because of the warm waters of the chesapeake keeping that humidity extremely high in central and southern delaware. heat advisory extended through tomorrow. it will feel like it's between about 100 and 105 degrees so once again, limit your time outside. take frequent breaks. this evening temperatures slowly falling through the 80s but look at this by 11:00 o'clock, still 82 degrees. it will stay warm into the overnight hours. so coming up we'll talk more about the heat wave. heat wave number seven gets underway tomorrow more record heat in store. we'll take look at our next chance for rain. we are well below average abnormally warm throughout most of the region. i'll see you later in the broadcas


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